When Great Is Not Good Enough

Given that the name of this blog is Homes with Soul, from time to time, I feel guided to share topics that lean our toward our human experiences. This topic is one I explore in a book I’m writing called Goal Getter and in a past post called Moving On. Many have shared with the that there has been a transitory feel to the world this year. Perhaps as a by product of this or just life unfolding as it does, more than a few people in my social circle have ended long term relationships and have switched careers. Whether by choice or not, any of these things can bring on times of inner turmoil. We have all gone through change multiple times during our lives, yet, sometimes it may take longer to understand, need longer to accept, and is  much harder to come to terms with.

One of the hardest transitions I have found is, to leave something that no longer serves you. To give yourself permission to move on. To leave something that still is good, even perfect, and exactly what you wanted for a very long time. Something you may have worked very hard to achieve, to keep and to sustain. Something the rest of the world wants you to have, is happy you have it and wants you to keep.

You can apply this to a relationship, a career, anything really. As you can see the emotional journey is the same which ever situation you are in. We have all been here in various ways. The most significant one in my life up until now has been a career move. I worked extremely hard to be afforded the opportunities I had in the teaching world. I took risks, I spoke to people I was scared off, I did my research and brought so many interesting things to my students. We learned a lot and we had fun (most of the time! lol). I showed up for them every single day bringing my A game. I’m not embarrassed to say, I was really good. I could feel myself in the flow, other teachers sought out my advise. Even on the days when I was so tired I couldn’t read out loud to the class because the words wouldn’t come into focus on the page. (Can I get a unified AMEN from the teaching community). I had the job opportunities people said I was lucky to get but I knew it was my hard work and determination that drew those opportunities to me. I was blessed with full time jobs when the rest of the teaching community thought I was crazy for even considering teaching as a career, because “there are no jobs.” I just would think in my head, “That’s your story not mine.” And I got jobs. I did everything in my power to do something I loved, that is a part of who I am and I enjoyed, no matter how much coffee I had to main line.

Then slowing or maybe suddenly, I don’t really know, I simply wanted something else. I came to terms with this painfully over one entire year. Fighting it the whole way, and also working with it, saying I can do real estate part time, during the summer months when I’m not teaching. Right? That will make this all ok again? Won’t it? So the summer came, and the inner battle continued, I started applying for teaching jobs again and I remember sitting at my computer, with shaking hands, and tears welling up in my eyes and this deep feeling of fear washed over me. I’m old enough to know this is my soul screaming, DON’T DO IT!

How could I leave something I love? I worked so hard for? And is truly a part of who I am? Teaching has been nothing but good to me, in fact great to me! There was no wrong doing, no reason for me to switch lanes this way. It even made me happy. I had to learn to tell myself that it was ok, not selfish, to want to be happier. To want something else. To want something more. To just change my mind.

Big take away moment: People evolve. We are ever evolving beings and social norms that have been ingrained in us, served purposes of survival for a great many for a long time but may no longer apply. We have the luxury in this time in history to make choices and decisions that better serve our souls, our destiny and will afford us the development essential for us to expand our being during our lifetimes. Which is what we are hear to do. 

Throughout my cross over I thought, how could I be so selfish? How could I throw it all away just to be happier?? But I knew the truth was that I had bigger dreams that simply didn’t fit into the walls of a school building. Why shouldn’t I be happier? Society envelops us in these norms that we try to box ourselves into and all my life I have been forcing myself out of those norms, and breaking all the rules to be true to myself. So why is this any different? In whatever way you are experiencing in this moment, I hope you know that you are not alone, and someone out there understands. You are going to be okay. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

In between it all, or maybe once the dust settles remember to honour what you had. Live your life with love in your heart and good will toward it. What ever it was, it is a part of you, good or bad. Honour the lessons learned, the time spent, the memories. Those things are a part of your history, which is a part of your cellular memory. So by showing respect for the person, place, carrier, or situation you in turn are showing respect for yourself and your history and all those involved.

Try and remind yourself that it doesn’t mean you don’t love it anymore, it simply means your not in love with it any more. The difference might sound small in words, but it’s the biggest feeling in the world.

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Your Home As A Reflection

There are few things in this world that hold deep meaning. You could probably count on one hand the most deeply, meaningful people, places or things in your life. Not to take meaning away from other aspects of your life, and not to include any physiological needs, but if you stop and think of the top five deeply meaningful aspects of your life as a whole most people would come up with a list something along the lines of: family and friends, my home, my first pair of dance shoes or hockey skates, my grandfather’s old hat, a letter, or that day on the beach where we ran around in the sand and laughed until it hurt. Most things boil down to how deeply we are touched by a memory. Our current life will often reflect these moments, or special things. We spend time with our loved ones, we keep heirlooms in dark, dry places and we live in our homes.

What we often forget is that those things reflect back onto us as well. We are a double mirror (is there such a thing?) where what is within is reflected without and what is without is reflected within. Still with me? Ok, so your home is one of the most important and deeply meaningful places in your life. It’s the place where you constantly spend the most time, and in spending those hours, minutes, sleeping, eating, laughing, decompressing, playing with your kids and pets, you are creating a reality within those walls. In my opinion it works both ways. The home itself also creates a reality in which you play out your life. So what makes us create the home we live in? What makes us decorate it a certain way or build it a certain way? Well, like the rest of our reality we all have conscious and subconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. The beliefs that help to mold and shape the quality of our lives are our subconscious beliefs. Just like, you are what you eat? You are what you think is just as accurate.

Each of us has shaped our worlds, the way we see our world and the way we perceive our world based on our subconscious beliefs, which came from how we were raised, what we were taught, what we experienced in our lives and all of this lives in our memories which lives in our subconscious, or something like that. We have attached a certain meaning to the events that have taken place in our lives. The things we have attached a good meaning to we want to me reminded of and surrounded by.

Have you ever heard of people who suffer brain traumas, such as a car accident sometimes upon recovery seem like different people and have to recreate their social circles and relationships as their new self. There are many reasons for this, including personality, but how much is related to what they can remember? What lessons did they live and learn through but now have lost? How has this affected their subconscious and in turn their current state of reality. A bit off the rails here, but I have a point, I promise.

If we can agree we are what we think, then we can also agree that our core beliefs become our view of our world, the glasses we see our lives through, to the point where we don’t even realize they are beliefs. These beliefs are so deeply embedded into our energy field that these subconscious beliefs continuously manifest the world we live in. Just as your body projects your energy field all around you, so do your beliefs project into the world. Acting as a magnet or mirror that draw to you what you are putting out there.

In turn, situations, people, opportunities, and basically everything that is congruous with the energy you are putting out is pulled back to you. Which means that your personal world, such as your home, is created by your core beliefs which live in your subconscious. For example, Sacred Space by Denise Linn, shares that if you have a subconscious belief that you can’t trust others, like a projector beaming this belief into the universe, this will continuously occur even when you are calm and peaceful, and will draw people to you who shouldn’t be trusted. Affirming your belief that you can’t trust people.

On a larger scale your home is a living affirmation of what you create. If you want a more abundant life, then you need to create a physical environment in your home that projects this. By changing the home itself, and the template in which you live you are able to draw toward you the things that you want. Using affirmative language can help you to reprogram some deep beliefs that you are aware of that you feel are no longer serving you. A simply and powerful affirmation can sound something like this, “I am safe. I am loved. I am worthy. I am healthy. I am happy.” Even if you don’t feel as though those statements are true, repeat them, let the sound of them seep into your bones, until you start to connect with the meaning of the words, and slowly you will start to embed these as core beliefs. 

Would you like to know more? Leave a comment and let me know if you would like to learn more about how different templates can enhance your home and subsequently your life.

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Symbols in Your Home

People have used symbols as a way to relate to the world and find meaning and understanding since the beginning of time. Although these symbols have evolved, they carry an energy of their own. Ones that have been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years have strengthened in their power on the etheric planes. Not to get overly technical, but as a quick side note; if you are not familiar with what Etheric planes are; they’re a lot less complicated than they sound. A plane is all the matter in the universe formed by a particular type of atom. For example a human being has five different bodies or worlds, such as causal, mental, emotional, etheric and physical. The Earth itself has these same planes.

The shape of a symbol holds it’s own energy or power. A circle for example represents wholeness and completeness. Every time someone draws a circle holding the intention or concept in their mind of completeness or wholeness it strengthens this symbols meaning on the etheric plane. Different symbols are used for different purposes, you can think of them as a little transmitting station that transmit the meaning of the symbol.

To enhance your home with the power of symbols you can do it as simply as drawing it on a piece of paper, fold it up and place it somewhere. Or purchase art with the symbols included. Sculptures are also a popular way of representing symbols and using their energy in your home.

Here is a very brief breakdown of some popular symbols and what they represent, taken from Sacred Space by Denise Linn.

One of most potent symbols, it represents eternity, completion, unity, the universe, wholeness, perfections and the Great Mystery.

Combined power of past, present and future. Two triangles, with one inverted represents a six-pointed star and constitutes  a symbol for the human soul. This symbol carries the power of protection.

The four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. Also, represents the four directions. It also represents the material world.

This is a very positive cosmic symbol. It can help your home feel very refreshed, and exhilarated.

These are just a very few, and of course there are many more. Some more popular symbols are Metatron’s cube (as shown above), the Circle of Life and the Flower of Life. These are ancient symbols that are often referred to as sacred geometry, they hold a lot of meaning and it depends on what your home needs in that moment. You can try out different symbols by writing them down and leaving them around your house or simply making the shape with your hand while walking around. See if you feel a difference in the energy. 

Original Painting by Daniela Biagi

Reference: Sacred Space by Denise Linn

The Energy Structure of a Home

When it comes to discussing energy as a concept, it can more easily be related to a person. When we think of energy, of taking it or creating it, we often associate that with the actions of a person or being. We can easily see what energy can create. Excitement can be a great example. An excited person is easy to describe. If we dig a bit deeper we might uncover other layers to a person’s energy body. The auras, chakras, mental, emotional, and physical. Even the physical body has layered structures, such as skeletal, organ, vibrational fields, and so on.

A house, as discussed in, Healing Houses Transforming Sick Houses Into Healthy Homes by Sheldon Norberg, reveals that although some similarities lie in comparison to a human body, there are not as many as you might think.

He shares that a house has a “certain flow of energy to it, and while architectural features (or flaws) and directional alignment have a lot to do with it, the most important things are that it is grounded and protected.” Grounding, refers to the actual foundation of the house. Whether it is a solid rock like structure or a fabricated cement foundation or slab. What sounds more secure, sturdy, and permanent? You guessed it, solid rock. Which would make the other options feel the opposite. Similar feelings of precariousness, questionable safety, or “floaty”.

The outside gives off an over all feel, which would be a combo of it’s appearance and protective layers. Walking through the home will give you an overall energy impression, what is the main feeling you get when you walk through? Even, open, hotter colder, disconnected, unified or compromised? Previous owners, dwellers, visitors, will have all left their energetic imprint on the home in some way. Does the house actually feel associated with those who occupy the home or someone else, or this history of the land? A home can even have what Norberg calls an “imbedded attitude” which would be a combination of these factors. Residual energy, which Norberg describes as, directly related to the intensity of the emotional/energetic events that have occurred within the home. This would be related to the home holding an energetic imprint, especially in a home that held persons that were suffering emotionally or physically, such as abuse or illness. These can stick around like a stain on the home’s energy field and are stubborn to get out. Which makes it hard for a new people to “bring in their own energy or develop new contracts with the house for living at their own highest potential.”

Lastly he describes the importance of a home’s “astral address” which is the location of your house in your dreams. We have all had those weird dreams where you are in your house but it doesn’t really look like you house, or you are in another house type building all together but in your dream it’s suppose to be your house. Don’t forget that others will incorporate your house into their dreams at times as well. This is similar to a human being, “the astral body, or the part of us that takes over during sleep. A location from which dream bodies depart and to which the return.” Norberg likeness this concept to a point in which all the people you have relationships with, who have been to your home or have no clue where you live, people who know you or wish to know you more, people who even have nothing to do with your life at all can all enter your home through this point. You can imagine this may not always be pleasant especially when dealing with those who no longer have a body and which they return to the home in somewhat of a direct manner.

These reasons give you a good idea why it’s important to energetically “keep up” your home. My favourite example of this would be, would you wear the same clothes for a year, take a shower and them put them back on? Of course not. But aside from the years of build up, obviously there are other aspects of energy that can be involved that may not have had anything to do with you or anyone you know, yet can still affect how much your enjoy your home.

More on Sheldon Norberg and his services.

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When a Stranger Calls: How To Survive Open Houses

Happy Friday the 13th people!!  haha Sounds scary right? I remember seeing this horror moving in my highschool English class. Ya, weird right. Well, we all loved it and then my best friend and I decided to rent it to watch during a sleep over that weekend. Probably not the best idea for someone who lives on the edge of fear more than the normal amount like myself, (wait, is there a normal amount?). Needless to say, there are a multitude of stressors, fears, and emotions that come with putting your home up for sale. Everyone has a different reason for doing so but regardless of why your home if for sale, you must go through the paces of selling.

This experience can be a very fun and exciting time but still there are aspects that may make you feel a little uncomfortable. This is your home after all and there will be people walking through it. Strangers, will be walking around your home… judging it, let’s be honest.

Here are a few tips you keep yourself happy and focused during this time.

  1. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE. Remember why you are selling your home. These reasons often help us bring a reality check in when emotions tend to bubble over. Think of your new home and all the benefits it will be providing you. Think of the financial gain and what you are able to do with the money.
  2. TAKE PIECE OF MIND. Stay safe, put anything that is precious to you out of sight or out of the house entirely. Put it in a lock box, in storage, or at a family member’s home, or simply fill up a huge RubberMaid bin and pop it in the trunk of your car when a showing is booked.
  3. SAGE. If you don’t know what this means. See the following posts: Clearing and Cleaning Up for Your Open House and How to Clear a Space or “Sage.” You can also go to a holistic store or even Whole Foods, and buy a sage stick or some loose leaf sage and ask how to use it. Akasha’s Den is great store which has multiple locations and Willow Den as well. Find the store in your area, a google search will help you find one quickly.
  4. FOCUS ON YOUR NEW HOME. There is going to be a “TO DO” list a mile long and lots to take care of. A busy mind is a happy mind!
  5. START TO SEE THE HOME AS NO LONGER YOURS BUT THEIRS. This will help you start to detach from the space and start to see it in a new light. Get excited about how the new family will create fun memories in the house.
  6. TAKE YOUR MEMORIES WITH YOU. Often leaving a home behind, there is a sadness about all the memories that went with it. Remind yourself that there are many memories that you are able to take with you, such as photos, mementos, and of course yourselves. Your memories live on in your heart and are not really attached to the building itself. More about this in my post Moving On.

This doesn’t have to be an awkward time, of strangers traipsing through your sanctuary.  This can be an exciting time, one filled with joy and of closing a chapter sweetly and with grace.

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What Homes and Wedding Dresses Have In Common

When meeting with clients for the first time, I like to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding what budget we have to work with. Many times we have to source out mortgage brokers to help hammer this down. The worst thing a buyer can do is start looking for homes outside of their price range.

I call this the Wedding Dress Syndrome. Think of the show “Say Yes To The Dress.”  For those of you who have purchased a wedding dress, you may see where I’m going with this. For those of your who haven’t, here’s where I’m going with this. When you are on the market for the perfect dress you should only try on dresses you know you can afford. Why? Why not dream and have fun? Why not try on every dress in every store and just have a moment in one you will never own? Because you will put on that dress worth more than your car and entire wardrobe and that dress will do what it was made to do. It was fit perfect, it will look perfect, it will feel perfect and you will be forced to take it off and hand it back with tears in your eyes because you know it will never be yours. And that’s not even the most dangerous part. Worst of all you will never find a dress that will live up to that one. No matter how many you try on in the price range you can afford. You will never be able to get that expensive dress out of your mind. Everything will pale in comparison and you will feel like you have to settle for something less. Sounds fun right?

Not ideal.

The same happens with houses. If your price range is around $600,000 going on showings for homes in the seven or eight hundred thousand range will lead to disappointment, because you WILL see something you like. You will compare every other home to that one. You will probably find something wrong with all the $600,000 houses and this will make your decision much harder.

There is a bright side to Wedding Dress Syndrome. When you do find the perfect house, every other one you see won’t compare. When you find yourself comparing each house with just one, your choice becomes clear. You found your dress! Sounds fun right?


But what about all those times in between perfect and not perfect?

This is the most common scenario as most homes have good and bad qualities. And you become lost in a sea of Pros and Cons lists. How do you decide on which house to buy and make some “alterations” to? Homes that need to be changed slightly are actually better I think in the long run. Any renos or changes you need to make to the home can help you when negotiating price in your favour. Plus the changes you make will be yours. You get to put your personal style into it. Making a choice in this case is when using energy is most useful. What most do to decide on the right one is fall back onto to the top four deciding factors: Location, Budget, Possession time and Age of home. No help right? Of course these are important, but you used those already to get you to where you are now. This is time to feel. This is where energy comes into play. How do you feel in the home? How will you be living in it? What tweaks can you make to each house to make the experience of living there better? This is the time to listen to your heart. And the best part about this is that you do not need to justify your choice! This should be a family decision based on your gut. Do you see yourself having coffee here, watching TV there? Or no? You don’t need a reason for your choice, because you will just know if the setup of the home works well with your energies.

Here are some tips to help you feel your way to the right decision:

A Silent Walk Through

Walk through the home without talking. This might be a tough thing to do if you are with a few people, especially if the agent is with your as they will feel the need to fill the silence and talk about the home. Book a private showing and tell your agent, you would like to do a silent walk through, “I just need time to think through each room.” They will most likely voluntarily stay in the front hall or kitchen, but if they do walk with you, they will understand that silence is good right now. Any person who is clued into others will pick up on your lack of conversation as a sign to zip it. But if they don’t, just  kindly let them know. Say “Sorry, I just am trying to plan out in my head where my furniture is going to go.” or something along the lines of “I need this time to think this through so shutty.”  This can feel forced, but silent time to think is very powerful, and we simply don’t get enough of it. It’s important because It allows your true feelings to come forward. Once you leave the home discuss your experience with your family at length. It might feel odd walking through and not talking at first, but you will be able to just fall into thought and won’t notice. Also, take off into different directions of the home, spread out, you don’t have to go through each room together. One goes this way, one goes that, and just walk around to what you want to see first. As a last resort book your showings separately. Only do this if it is between two houses, or even one house. You don’t want to waste homeowners time or the agents time, booking two showings per house.

Don’t Ask for Outsider’s Opinions

This will cloud your judgement and make you second guess your gut feelings. Trust yourself and your family. Afterall, you are the ones who will be living there. Especially, if you have children. This is a time when you really want to listen to them as they are the most open energetically. They may not really like the house or feel like the can’t run around freely. If your kids are sticking to your side more than normal, take that into consideration. Ask them if they want to go pick out a favourite bedroom, see if they will just take off and explore the home alone. If they feel comfortable enough to do this you are most likely in the clear. If they don’t feel comfortable in the space, relax, it’s not haunted (most likely), there are many reasons for this, and a lot of it has to do with the actual setup of the home being open and positive or closed off and negative. Many people use Fung Shui to help with this aspect. Unless, you kid runs up to you like, “I picked my new bedroom and there is a boy in there named Timmy who likes to play ball. Yay!” Then, ya, it’s haunted.  

Notice your Behaviour

During your conversation if you settled into a room and comfortably talk there, feeling “at home” already, that can be a good indicator too. Remember there need not be a rhyme or reason for your choice.  

You can always revisit you Pros and Cons list after you make your final choice with your agent and privately to solidify your decision. Keep the lines of communication open and feel your way into your new home. Happy house hunting!

If you would like a Realtor who can help you with your holistic home needs feel free to email me in the Contact section of the site.

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How to Clear a Space or “Sage”

Throughout this blog I often mention that clearing the negative or unwanted energy from a space is helpful in living your best life. I often will say to “sage” or clear a space. There are many ways of doing this, and many beliefs around this. I want to tread lightly here and be respectful of all belief systems. I can only speak from my experience and what I have done up to this point. So, basically I will speak from my personal experience which might give you a few general tips and also where to find more information.

I basically began seeking out ways to clear a space based on the different energies I was picking up on around me during different times of the year, or day, or basically any time. As I got older I began to understand that my intuitive nature was the reason I could pick up on things and I began to realize a lot of my feelings of anxiety or fears stemmed from this characteristic. It is something I just lived with, and basically took for granted, it wasn’t until late in my 20s when I started to realize that not everyone was bothered by the same things I felt that I was. It became harder to ignore and I went on a search to learn more about this. Not highly uncommon. I would even venture to say more common than not, many people have a sense of their intuition to varying degrees. I am by no means a physic or a medium by any stretch. Essentially my environment, which was always important to me, I realized became something I could actively keep and maintain. Doing these things allows for the best possible experience and helps keep me from seeing or hearing things at would startle me or make me uncomfortable.

As far as the home goes, I learned from various sources how to use herbs such as sage leaves, and many other types of plants, and essential oils like lavender, to clear the space of what I understood as old, dusty, unwanted energy and leave it feeling fresher and more free. I felt that this was helpful to my living in a space, and sleeping soundly. This along with many other types of practices help keep my environment peaceful, relaxed and fresh. 

I start with a small process before I light the sage. Then I surround myself with the smoke from the smolder of the sage, and walk through my whole house basically outlining each door, corner, window with it. I usually let my intuition guide me to where I need to be and to focus my cleansing and I also allow my intuition to land on what ever prayer or intent I need to do what needs to be done. Each time I do this it’s different, there is no one way I do it, but I do always work in the light and protection of God and any spirit guides or archangels sent to work with me.

At this point I have performed this cleansing many times for myself and others. I sometimes take for granted the effects as I know the outcome. I often hear that those who I have done this for have experienced positive effects in their homes, and lives as a result and I hope it inspires others to try it out themselves. I feel like this helps foster a relationship with the space and your home that is unique to you and helps fill your home with your energy. I feel like my home is very peaceful and cozy and it’s the first thing I hear when someone comes over, they always comment on how cozy my home feels. It’s worth a try and there are many resources to help you.

Many stores sell the tools you need to do a clearing of your own and the people who work there are very helpful. I love Akasha’s Den and Willow Den. These would be my top two places. But there are countless others. Please be sure to go to a store that is reputable, with people who have good intentions and correct information. I can stand by these two stores as I have frequented them many times myself and know for certain the employees are kind, knowledgeable, honest and helpful. Ask around and read reviews, and always trust your gut. If you walk into an establishment and it just feel uncomfortable and not right. Leave. Listen to yourself.

There are of course many books you can find at your public library or book store which can help you. Do your research and see what makes the most sense to you, what resonates with you the most, is usually what you need. Have discernment. Good people will lead you to good people. And please do not listen to anyone who advises you to pay them a large lump sum of money to remove negative energy or curses from you. Just don’t incorporate this practice into your life and happy clearing!

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Moving On

Parting is such sweet sorrow. When I was around 5 years old, my mother told me that our family was moving out of our home the next day. She told me that the moving trucks were coming and we were going to live in our new house. I didn’t take the news well. At. All. I remember crying and hugging the walls of the upstairs hall way, hysterically wailing “I love you house.” Not my best moment. In my defence, as a kid, I obviously didn’t connect the boxes and hustle and bustle around me to having to leave the only home I had ever known forever. Now that I’m grown, I have had to move many, many times, and I often think about how upset I was over my very first move.

It can be hard on pets, children and everyone when a move is happening. So it helps to maintain a level of perspective when going through a move. Remind each other of the new and exciting memories you are going to make in your new house. Maybe even plan something to look forward to. For example, a movie and popcorn night in your new TV room, a moving party where you invite all your friends and family on moving day. A meet the neighbors evening, pizza and bevies all around. Or maybe its as easy as Sunday brunch, or dance parties in the kitchen, or a lovely bubble bath in your new tub. Just look forward to something.

Appreciate the time you had in your old home. See it as a time that served its purpose and send thanks out for the memories you shared here. Give thanks that you are able to take those memories with you as they live always in photos, and your memory.

Allow your self and family members to be sad if they want to be. Not every one deals with lose the same way. Some might see this as an exciting time where they are gaining a new home, others (like my 5 year old self) may see this as a sad time where they are losing a home they loved. Everyone who is living in the home has to identify with part of the house that is going to be “their new place.” Telling your child that their new bedroom is going to be painted their favourite colour, or have a fun little area for books they they can decorate, might soften the edges. Perhaps you will be able to garden or use pots for tomato plants. You can be sad to leave but try and balance that out with excitement for something new. Eventually, your old home will be a distant memory and your new home will be filled with you and your lives and it will feel like home sweet home.

If you would like a Realtor who can help you with your holistic home needs feel free to email me in the Contact section of the site.

Photo Credit : 8654 Glavcic Dr. Niagara Falls, Listed by The Barry Team, Revel Realty Inc., Brokerage

Clearing and Cleaning Up For Your Open House

Open houses are not always used to sell a property but if they are, most likely your agent will advise you on how to present your home in the best possible way, so that potential buyers are impressed by the space. But most importantly they can envision themselves living there. Obviously, if they are tripping over skateboards and there are dirty socks lying around, this can be a bit distracting for someone who may want to purchase the home. 

That being said, cover the basics: clean, do dishes, tidy up, store away unnecessary clutter, and store valuables out of sight. This might be a pain to do for every showing but by doing these things to the best of your ability will result in the home “showing well” and more importantly selling faster. Also, don’t forget to clear the energy before and after the open house. A simple way to do this is by taking a small leave of sage and letting it smoulder on a dish or shell in the middle of your home. It’s not the most effective method but something is better than nothing. You want the space to feel light and airy, like in the photo above. “But how can my house in the city feel like a house perched on a lake?” you ask. It can be bright, uncluttered and exhibit cohesive design elements. Remember less is more. 

I suggest burning some sage, with the windows open or doing whatever you may feel would best work. That way potential buyers don’t sense the current homeowners at all when you they walk in. It’s just the home, and how they would go about potentially living in it if they were to buy.

If you have a busy open house, or even if just one person books a viewing. You will want to do the same thing after in order to wipe the slate clean. Plus it will ensure that any unwanted guests or energies that followed that person into your home are escorted (respectfully) back to where they came from.

I always find it interesting that when I am walking through a home with a buyer they have their senses raised to a razor sharp state. They are commenting on the smallest things, as if on high alert. They notice smells, scratches, hinges that squeak and all kinds of stuff that the homeowners typically don’t even notice. They are trying to catch all the catchables and make sure they are assessing the property to their standards, which typically become very high.

So as a seller you want to always walk around your house trying to see through the eyes of a potential buyer, and this can be hard to do because you have an emotional attachment to the home and people coming into it do not. In fact they will be harder on it then they would normally be. I would suggest getting a friend or family member (one who doesn’t mince words) to walk through your home with you and point out whatever they can. This might be a bit uncomfortable but it will prepare you best for the feedback potential buyers who don’t know you at all might say.

Fun fact: there are many theories on what scents help sell your home, especially as we are currently experiencing a buyers market. Often people like to bake a fresh batch of cookies or cinnamon buns earlier in the day, so that the scent of the treats can linger. Theories are out there that these smells trigger a feeling of comfort and an at home feel and could help add that home-sweet-home factor. Just don’t burn anything, potential buyers don’t really respond well to images of them and their loved ones putting out a grease fire in their new kitchen. Happy baking!!!

If you would like a Realtor who can help you with your holistic home needs feel free to email me in the Contact section of the site.

Photo Credit: Sugar Spun Run, the photo of these beyond yummy chocolate chip cookies and the recipe can be found by clicking here or by clicking the picture. Try them out for your next open house!

Photo Credit: house image

That Certain Something

Nervous-excitement. It’s a real thing. You need to buy a home. There are always unknowns no matter how many times you have purchased a home. And for those of us who have only done it once, or twice, or never, the learning curve can be scary. We all know that where you live is one of the most important and influential aspects of your life and lifestyle. No matter where your home is, it is a place of repose. Where we go for rest, comfort, entertainment, parties, barbeques, late night tea parties, pizza, watching games and gathering with family and friends. That’s why moving can be equal parts exciting and happy and sad and scary and stressful.

There are many core decisions that are made during this transition. Important choices that relate to location, budget, size, what systems the home has, the age of the home, which direction it faces, is it near amenities that my family needs, parks, schools, family, highways, grocery stores, libraries? How old is the roof? When were the windows replaced? And the list goes on and on; and sometimes because this list is soooooo long and overwhelming, an equally important aspect of the home is less focused on. Sadly, perhaps never even brought up. How does the home make you and those living within those walls FEEL?

If you have little ones, they are more open to this aspect (and have less to worry about) so they usually can (and will)  tell you right away. I’ve seen children get excited and start running around and saying that they like it or to “pick this one.” Or they will stand there, waiting for you to be done and not really have an opinion on it at all.

You ask, “Do you like this one?”


I have walked into homes or condos with clients without even looking at the space and they have immediately stated with certainty,

“No, not this one.”
“Ok, is there something about it in particular that you don’t like?”
“Umm, no.”

I totally get it.

Or the same will happen but they will say,

“THIS is the one. I have goosebumps!!”
“Do you want to look at the rest of it before we make a final choice?”
“Yes, but this is the one, I already know.”  


That intrinsic knowing that we all have is just as important as monthly payments and budget. Yet, often it may get overlooked during the onslaught of decisions that come with home ownership. Sometimes it’s a slow growing love of the space and sometimes it’s fast. Either way, it’s real. The importance of the feel of your home is based on many factors related to the energy that lives in and flows through the space and how that energy works with those inhabiting the home. This is the difference between enjoying the home for the time you intended to stay there or wanted to move once the newness wears off. If this aspect of a home is not included in your purchase, often times, (and what seems like “suddenly”) the laundry room is on the wrong level and the bedrooms are too small or the kitchen is not in the right spot. Or worse, tensions within the home start to rise.

This happens when the people living in the home start to react to the type of energy the home is commingling with theirs. In some situations a general uneasiness can start to seep its way in, this can lead to minor annoyances as people can become less happy, tiered and begin being short with each other. There are of course many other reasons for these occurrences, but bad situations can always be resolved in a less damaging ways, when more things are working in your favour. Negative situations are always made worse when you have many things energetically working against you. Basically, you don’t want to make things harder than they need to be.

Ever walked into a room after a fight? You can tell, the room feels off, heavy, that’s energy. Have you ever heard the term, “you can cut the tension with a knife!” that’s energy. How about a baby’s nursery? Mostly peaceful and calm. It’s that certain something that is hard to point out, but clear to us all. Human language is very limited and often isn’t sufficient to express so many aspects of communication. We like to be able to identify things and label them, and we feel that this helps us understand them more. Yet often we all have a sense that stems far beyond language and is a large part of our lives.  That certain something is the light and breezy breath of fresh air you experience when you enter a room that has big picture windows looking onto trees and nature, or that cramped, compressed feeling of a dark room with low ceilings. Homes come in a sorts of shapes and sizes but the way you choose to decorate and treat our home can even make a small space feel big and roomy.

So yes, some of us are open to the topic of energy and its effects and some aren’t. Acknowledgement is not for everyone but it is for some. Energy just is. Its existence is as valid as any other aspect to life on earth. Saying you don’t believe in these types of things having a viable effect on you is like saying you don’t believe in wind, or oxygen or sound. All those things you can’t see but they exist. So maybe this is a chance for you to explore this blog further and discover a few things that may help you enjoy the home you have and find the perfect one you need. Welcome to Homes With Soul and thank you for spending some time, take a look around and enjoy!

If you would like a Realtor who can help you with your holistic home needs feel free to email me in the Contact section of the site.

Original art by Daniela Biagi