A Series of Focused Shifts, Auld Lang Syne

Stages. Scenes. Moments. Turning points. Ah-has. Realizations. Lessons. Soulmates. Soul shifts. Soul searching. New friends. Old friends. Life begins. Life ends. Clock ticks. Seconds, days, decades. Sun rises on the beach. Sunsets over the bonfire. Marshmallows roasted. Speeches toasted. New love created. Regeneration.

Life is a series of focused shifts. Each day, each season, brings into and out of focus the stepping stones needed to move to the next phase. Your next phase. Often the end of one year and the beginning of the next, brings an excitement of new beginnings. A new chance. A new promise. For years, I felt this same way. Yet now, the perspective I find most resonates with me is one that doesn’t close a chapter to start a new one, but continues the last and uses its findings, lessons and knowledge to build on the future. It’s not goodbye 2017, hello 2018! It’s more along the lines of taking 2017 with you in your toolkit and using these hard earned tools to help you with your assignments to come.  

Focused shifts. As we journey through this lifetime, we tend to focus in on what matters most to us in that glimpse. Whether it be family, career, pets, community, climbing Mount Everest or running your first marathon. We tend to give whatever is at the top of our list our razor sharp focus. It’s this focus that gives us purpose and makes us fulfilled. Yet, when life becomes too full of individual focuses, everything falls into a large blurr. No one thing takes precedence, and this causes dis-ease. You lose focus. If you spent most of your year with a purposeful focus on something, you are more likely to end your year feeling fulfilled, uplifted and hopeful of what is to come. Regardless of the actual outcome of what you put your energy into.

So allow your focus to be fluid, yet sharp! Find that thing that lights you up, make it your focus. Plan on it, create big ideas around it and etch lofty goals into stone. Then if your endpoint changes. GO WITH IT! As long as you are forging forward and not going back. Feel the flame inside of you grow and light your way. You may not have an exact idea of where you are headed but know why you’re traveling and what you are hoping to find when you get there. Don’t let rigidity to what you thought you wanted or needed, keep you small. The whole point of a journey is to find something bigger and better than what you imagined. Make big, gutsy moves. Do the scary thing. Do the things no one else wants to do. And be open to the energy that takes you there. Find time to be quiet and still. Listen to your guidance and trust you gut. Even when it doesn’t make sense. It’s usually the stuff that doesn’t make sense that reaps the biggest blessing. Let life be a series of focused shifts. Don’t judge it, even if others judge you. Be agile. Allow the process to unfold. Trust in divine timing. The universe’s ways are not our ways, and often have a better path laid out for us than one we could come up with on our own. We must simply have the courage, determination and fortitude to take it.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Happy New Year


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Silent Night

The Christmas season is one of hope, joy and gatherings with the ones you love. No matter your belief system, this time of year has a special feeling. Whether you are celebrating it alone or with loved ones, the world always seems quieter to me during this time. Even though it’s chalked full of family and friends, and parties and food, I find the silences, the space in between, holds a deeper quiet and sense of peace. Winters stillness holds a reverence. As we dutifully await the new year, new start, and new chance approaches. This is a time of reflection. Nights seems more still.

If you are taking some alone time this season, or this time of year is a painful reminder of what was, there is a overarching sense of peace that comes with the closing of a new year. The closing of an old chapter. A quiet sense of joy. Endings can be just as exciting as beginnings, the only difference is that they are painted with the colours of the events of the past. Like a watercolor painting, colours flow into other colours, just like the lessons we learn or the memories we take with us.

My wish for you at the closing of another year is that you move onto greener pastures with the wisdom and knowledge of years past, the comfort of built up courage from your experiences and the quiet joy that comes with gratitude for all things. If you’re reading this I would like you to give this small but powerful gesture to the beyond a try.

This Christmas, when everyone has gone to bed, and the house is quiet and the tree is lit, or maybe you don’t have a tree but your favourite scented candle is burning. Sit by yourself somewhere, preferably by a window, so you can look up to the sky. And just sit in silence and think. Take this time to reflect on the past year, the blessings and the challenges. Just let your mind wander, memory to memory. Let the energy of the past, the wins, and the losses, the good, the bad and the ugly flow through you like water in a stream. Allow gratitude to fill your heart and swell past your being and up into the night sky. Be silent and still. Let your gratitude float into the universe, and thank what ever powers may be for your blessings. This will help project your soul’s journey into the universe and bring back what you need to continue on your path. This offering will allow your soul a chance to process your journey. Your soul will shine like a beacon in the night, thankful for the past, grateful for the present and joyful for the future.

May your souls be MERRY & BRIGHT.

Merry Christmas my loves.