A Place For Everything….

…and everything in its place. That old saying holds a lot of truth.  If multiple moves have shown me anything it’s that there is a perfect place for everything in your home. In my early twenties when my shared apartment was littered with second hand furniture, and this and that, to a fully decorated condo. A space seems jumbled and disconnected when you first move everything in. Then slowly you start pushing and pulling things into place. Trying furniture around the area, putting a plant here, and a table there. A lamp here, books there, until every item feels like its in its perfect spot. Chair and picture frames, seem to settle in and suddenly a messy disconnected pile of stuff, seems to vibrate with a cohesive life of its own. The room seems to glow from within, and the space feels right. You’re home.

Every time I move I tend to play around with placement for a while. Shifting decor, and items everywhere, until the space feels settled. When you feel this way about your space, you have used your intuition to find the perfect placement for your energy to flow through and connect to your new home.

One of the most popular arts of placement is called Feng Shui. There are many different types of approaches to Feng Shui which are also affected by the belief systems of the area in which it is used, but it might be something you find interesting to look into regarding the best placement of objects in each area of your home to enhance your life.

Once you feel that everything is where it needs to be, you will also at this point know what’s missing, or what needs to be revitalized. Small pieces can really change the mood of a room. Fresh flowers and live plants also change the air quality and energy of a room. There are even certain plants that can be placed in each room to enhance the energy. French lavender in the bedroom helps you sleep, gerbera daisies in the laundry room helps to absorb chemicals that may linger. Plants are a great way to add life to your home, and improve air quality. Places like IKEA have plants year round, I find just walking those plant isles inspire me. Walk through and see what plants you think would make a great addition to your home. Nature brings beauty, life and serenity to your home, especially during winter months, where we tend to lose our connection to nature, and can develop anxieties.

Perhaps you haven’t moved, you just want a change of scenery and need to move the furniture around to break up the old stagnant energy. Add a new piece of art, or switch up your throw pillows. Small decor changes and bring a room into different seasons and allow a different mood. Whatever it may be, you will feel settled when everything has found its place.

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Calling All Crystals

There are so many ways to ground, connect and clear a space or a person. One of my personal favourites ways to do this is by using crystals. Many find that they can connect easily to crystals and plants alike. Crystals have a vibration and energy signature to them that is easy to detect. Aside from adorning your home with their beauty, there are countless ways they can be used.

This one post will definitely not cover all the crystal-ly bases there are to be had, but I can scratch the surface and give a few examples of how I personally use crystals in my home. Firstly, when purchasing a crystal I usually wander around the store and just sort of look at all the pretty colours. (haha) Really technical, eh? Honestly, I just look around and allow myself to wander to the colour or crystal that I find draws me to it. Regardless, of the one or ones, that draw you to them, and for whatever reason, that crystal is resonating with your energy field and you are drawn to it for a purpose. Perhaps you need what it can offer, when it comes to healing qualities or maybe it will help bring you more peace. I then usually pick it up and hold it for a while as I continue looking.

Crystals can be purchased at all the price points and in all sizes, and often you will be drawn to more than one. If you are attuned to crystals already, or you are more psychically sensitive, you will have a very strong certainty of which ones would like to come home with you. I know it sounds weird, but I almost get the feeling of friendship, when choosing what crystals will work with me energetically. This thought has often crossed my mind when selecting my crystals, “we are already friends, so this one.” I know right? Huh? Friends with a rock? Jesus take the wheel. But, hey, just being honest. 

Once you bring these little treasures home there are many ways you can use them. Firstly, you want to clear them. They have come from far away and have absorbed many different energies before you found them. You can leave them in the moonlight overnight, or direct sunlight during the day. You can rinse them with water and imagine bright white light traveling through them.

Every crystal has different qualities it can be used for. The colour of the crystals hold meaning as well as the shape. There are limitless resources that will help you with what type of crystal you need. If you are looking for help with something, or would like to hold a certain type of energy in your home, there is a crystal for that. Even many health issues can be helped along with the use of crystals. Currently in my home I have large piece of rose quartz, celestite, amethyst, clear quartz, moonstone, and a variety of small polished stones in a multitude of colours and qualities. I love raw stones, and often get my larger pieces raw. I think they look so naturally beautiful and hold a different quality of energy.

Crystals In Your Home

Crystals can be left by your bedside, to help you sleep or heal overnight. These are usually referred to as “sleeping crystals” and attune to you while your asleep. More commonly they are placed around your home wherever it feels right. You will find yourself moving them around every now and again, because they will “tell” you where they need to be. People also use crystals to make elixers. Please be careful with this. This one takes some know how. Not all crystals can be used for this because some hold toxic properties that cannot be ingested. Often this process is safest by simply putting some crystals at the bottom of a bowl filled with water and then submerging a sealed water bottle in the bowl as well. So that the two waters never actually mix, but the healing properties of the crystal will charge the water and can be used to help heal different things. My favourite thing to do with crystals in meditate with them. Just have them around where you are, or hold them while doing so. They have an Earthiness that will help you stay grounded while you meditate.

Crystals and Kids

Lastly, I find that children love to hold and look at crystals, and when I was a teacher they were used as a discovery for my class, but I could see that many students just simply liked to hold them because they made them feel calm. Teachers use manipulatives in many ways as a way to calm a child down, or get them focused. I found crystals were a favourite which didn’t surprise me as children are always more open than adults are, when it comes to this stuff, as they have much less resistance and judgement. They just see things for what they are. They don’t have a strong enough framework around most things to try and place them in their minds. This is what some adults spend most of their lives trying to get back to.

Make sure you select a store where they can tell you what part of the world they harvest their crystals and better yet, if the store owner actually travels there themselves to hand select each stone you know you are getting a quality product. There are so many stones out there that are pretty but are not a true stone, they are glass or other materials coloured. Akasha’s Den in Oakville, is a great place to buy your crystals because the store owners actually travel the world collecting stones to sell in their shop. Willow Den in St. Catharines is also another reputable place. So have fun with these gems and enhance your living space with their natural beauty. Everyone could use a little extra sparkle in their life!


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Conscious Decor

Consider you home as a blank canvas. An empty space ready to be painted with all of the things that will essentially be the backdrop of your life. Moving as always a good time to purge, rearrange, and reconfigure things that either feel different in a new space or no longer work for you.  Imagine your home as a large, albeit three dimensional, vision board. Everything you place in the rooms and on the walls will carry an energy for you that will hopefully enhance your life. We definitely don’t want the opposite. The walls are a big part of this. Think of colour and texture here. In my post, City and Colour, I outline the different meanings and vibrations some of the main colours carry. Consider how you want to feel in the space you are choosing colour for. Consider how each room should feel to you and why. Then choose colours accordingly. The pictures and art work you put up can act in many ways as what will reflect into your life. So make sure the images align with your desires and they will help as a reminder of what feels the most ideal to you. This will allow you into that space mentally, and help draw you to it and it to you. When you choose things that align with what resonates with you, and with what you want, you are more able to feel your way into the life you prefer with little resistance.

Your home should be resistance free.

If you are feeling resistance in your home this will affect your energy fields, which will affect your thoughts, feelings and actions, and in some worse cases your health. Unexplained health issues are often times physical manifestations of subconscious feelings that are more conveniently ignored.

The problem is ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. In fact it just angers it and makes it find different ways to finally get our attention. Your physical health is the last warning bell. Meaning all other venues have been tried and perhaps you have resisted and turned them all away. The energy field around these issues hold deep truths that can’t be ignored. These will be acknowledged and sadly health issues may arise. We humans often then wonder why we have chronic aches and pains, suffer from multiple infections per year or worse. When one domino drops, the rest will follow until you acknowledge what is happening and stop them from falling. Unfortunately, superficial band-aid fixes will not do here.  

The human entity can be seen as a bucket full of water. In that bucket are all our components. Our physical component, mental, emotional, spiritual, and all our fields. Now picture the bucket with rings going up it. A ring for every component of a person. The base of the bucket represents our physical, the next ring or level is our mental, then emotional, then spiritual, then all our fields. Each portion of the bucket has body parts, and feelings and beliefs and endless amount of stuff tied to it, even though the water is the same throughout. Stick with me on this one. When there is a small hole in the bucket, and water starts to pour out, it weakens the container. Slowly more holes appear and more water is lost and soon there is no water in the spiritual level. Warning something is off.
Acknowledge it.
Or don’t.
More water pours out. The emotional level is empty. Warning lights.
Blink, blink.
Acknowledge it.
Or don’t.
More water pours out. The mental level is empty. Warning bells.
Acknowledge it.
Or don’t.
More water. Physical symptoms that are seemingly unexplained.
Now your just being suborn. Or scared. Or something. But stop it and acknowledge it.
Or don’t.

Yet, sadly all along, you knew exactly what needed to be changed. Respectfully moved on from. Or admitted to yourself.  So we humans, or buckets, are affected by all things around it. This bucket can get holes in many ways or the water can get polluted. The bucket sits on the floor of your home. It absorbs everything that is around it. The home radiates into the bucket. The other buckets around it radiate into the bucket. The air flow, the colours, the decor, the people, the sounds, the energy, everything, is absorbed into the bucket. So you can see how important the environment the bucket is in, is. It’s not the only thing that affects the bucket, but it is definitely one thing. Your home has power. It is up to you to create the best environment for your bucket.

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Moving Home & Settling In

Moving into a new home is always exciting. Different situations bring on different forms of moving. You built your dream home. You moved into a different home. Or your living situation has changed and you live somewhere different. Either way you are now calling new walls and new rooms, home. Even if this is the most happy and exciting time for you, there is an obvious adjustment period. Many of the conversations I have around this topic are centred on feelings that people have post move in day. Often times I hear complaints about not being able to sleep, not feeling settled in, and even though they love their new house, it doesn’t “feel homey.” These few weeks or months post move in can be taxing. The compound effect of being busier than normal, feeling more tired and needing a place to relax that feels like home, then not being able to get that from your new digs, can be discouraging. I have moved a lot myself, and I found a few key things that I do, the first day in my new place, that help to immediately draw in my energy into my new home and makes it feel “me” for my first sleep there.

Even if everything is in boxes, try and find a few items that you can put out quickly to bring some warmth to the space. I like to bring light into my home. Light a few candles, and plug in a salt lamp, or some other lamps that you might have. The familiar glow from the light of these items will help to settle you in. Try playing your favourite movie or show in the background, or play some music. Seeing or hearing something you enjoy and that is familiar will start to bring the “you” energy into the space. Order your favourite take out, have some friends over to help you find your linens and blankets. Most of all, allow yourself your own process. It’s ok if it doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy right away. You will get there.

If it has been a few weeks, and you’re still struggling to get that homey feeling. Plan a party. Invite people over for a meal, a movie, a games night or just for no reason at all. Fill the space with the people you love. Fill it with love, laughter and shared stories. The home will start to absorb you into the walls and you will feel more connected to the space, because you will be.

If you lived in a home for twenty or more years, it could be even more of a challenge to feel “at home” in a different space. It might take longer. Be patient, and find happiness in the small things. My last suggestion is to get someone to clear the space from the old family that lived there, or the workers who built it. Or if you can’t find someone who will do this for you, go to a crystal store, such as Akasha’s Den, or a place that sells sage and burn it while walking through you home, concentrating on the corners of each room, the windows and doors. All the while thinking of happy memories and laughter. Open all the windows and like in some fresh air, allowing old energy to return to its source. Cook your favourite meal, let the scent fill the home and feel yourself ground.

Tree Grounding Exercise

There is an exercise I used to do with my students, to ground them and make them calm. Here it is applied to your home.

Close your eyes, and imagine you are a tree. Take a few deep breaths, and imagine roots growing out of your feet travelling into the floor, into the ground, the Earth and travelling all the way to the centre of the Earth. This will enhance your feeling of belonging. Imagine branches with beautiful green leaves growing out of your arms and head. These are your dreams and future possibilities, these beautiful green leaves shimmer in the sunlight and these are possible because of the roots you’re planted in your home. Your home will help support your dreams and future successes. When you feel calm and peaceful open your eyes.

Welcome home.

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If These Walls Could Talk

The walls of a home absorb what’s within. One aspect of a home, that is often overlooked, yet holds much power, are the physical walls of the house. The walls can both absorb and reflect energy. Think of the energy in the walls of a home projecting back to you a type of holographic image. Many times this is where people might see a shadow cross their line of sight and can also be interpreted as a spirit or a ghost in the home, which might not be the case at all. The walls of a home can also absorb energy from the land the home was built on. In my past posts I speak of how the land can affect the energy inside the house, this is also true for the energy absorbed in the walls.

The people who live in the home, the land, any events (good or bad) that occurred within the home and the people who spend time there are all documented in the walls of the house. This can sometimes be very strong if not cleared regularly and I have even heard of people actually getting sick because of this pent up energy imprint. Which is a perfect example of how energy, thoughts, feelings, suppressed emotions can manifest into our physical body. Remember our physical body is very intelligent and is able to respond chemically to all the fields that surround it. If you were to look at a person and create a sphere or egg shape all around them so that the person was floating in the middle, that is what our energetic fields look like. Each field is another layer expanding outward, closest to the body we have the first field, the etheric field, then emotion field, thought/mental field, aura/love field, etheric template field, celestial field and the ketheric template field. All of these factors create an energy imprint that can imprint into the home.

Think off all the life one person has lived? Think of all the energy and emotions as they have journeyed through life. Your body actually has the ability to project all of these things back to you. When you clear a home of these energies remember to open a window in each room, as source needs to return to source. Energy naturally wants to go back to its collective energy source. I share a few methods of clearing in my past posts, and using any method you feel called to use will allow the space to feel fresh and lighter. My favourite way to describe this is similar to a spring cleaning. That fresh and fragrant spring air, gently breezing through the house, when you finally throw open all the windows and doors. Throw on some tunes and do a deep clean, maybe even throw a bunch of items in a bag to donate. Telling old man winter, sayonara! Spring is here! Well, clearing a home can give you that same feeling. The space might feel lighter and brighter. It might actually look clearer and crisper and sound might also be less muffled. These are subtle differences but almost every single person has conveyed feeling these changes after I clear their home.

On that note: I feel compelled to share something slightly off topic. We are all one. I mean that literally. Each person is made up of different stuff. Just like how we have different energy fields. But remember that all of these things make one unified being. We are spiritual, emotional, physical and mental beings. These aspects are not compartmentalized. They create a whole person. Each part of us is affected by the other parts. So if you are having mental struggles, sometimes you feel sluggish, tired, depressed, or may experience body aches and pains. If you have emotions that are not dealt with this could manifest physically into an ailment or mentally into an ailment. Each part is part of a whole and effects the rest. So be open to your struggles. Love them. Learn from them. Allow them their time, and processes. And naturally you will let them go. The energy of these lessons will burn up and alchemise into something new: an appreciation, a turning point, an acceptance. But these developments are quintessential to your being. And you are doing a disservice to your soul when you spend energy and waste time ignoring, suppressing and trying not to believe things that simply are true.

Look at your stuff dead on, and show it love. It will give your soul the permission to transmute it into something helpful and not hurtful. These subtle changes in ourselves, actually help the whole world. Put more good in, we will get more good out. One of my favourite books, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, refers to one poor shepherd boy, following his legend and this accomplishment actually helps the Soul Of The World. I believe this to be true. More happiness in. More happiness out. More love in. More love out. You matter. You are contributing to the world around you at all times. If you live in a way that is not authentic to how you really feel, or you live in a way you feel others want you to be, but deep down, if you were honest with yourself, it’s not your truth, you are then feeding those emotions to to the world around you on an energetic plain. It still exists even if you don’t acknowledge it. Truth is an energy. You may be honest with others and still manage to lie to yourself. You may have very good reasons for doing so. In the end it’s still a lie. So have courage to live your truth and heal your soul and the souls around you. Then, if your walls could talk, the would be freely reflecting your love for yourself back to you.

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So Tell Me How You Really Feel

Every home has its own feeling. Some of it depends on the structure of the home. Some on the design. Some on the decor. The location. The landscape. Yet, the largest influence on, the feeling a home has, is born from the people who live in it. The dwellers of the dwelling…if you will.

The people who live inside the home have the greatest impact on how a home feels when you walk in. You could have the exact same cookie cutter house, one next to the other, and walking into each would offer you something totally unique in terms of feeling.

Picture the home as a vessel. A container. The people who live there exude a unique and individualized energy. Which radiates from their soul. This energy pours out, all around the person at all times. The longer that person is in one space, the more of their energy fills the container they are in. We are actually able to recognize places based on who that place feels like. When people walk into my condo, even though the decor is clean, simple, slightly modern and mostly white, the comment I hear almost automatically is, “Oh, it’s so warm and cozy in here. It’s so peaceful.” Now, I don’t know how my energy feels, as I have never been away from it to be able to identify it. (If I was away from it, I wouldn’t be able to write this blog lol) But I do know how my family and friends energy feels as it is different than mine and in that way I can identify it.

So, if one person’s soul vibes can fill a space, then when two more more people live in the same space their energy creates a unique energy cocktail. A mix of peoples different energies during the hours they are there together. The longer they live together. The more of that mixture builds up.

As always, energy is constantly in motion, it flows, it’s never stagnant. It cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. That’s why the house “feels different” if your home alone for a few hours, than it does when others come back home. That’s why parents miss their kids. Even if they never really see them when they are there. You miss their “brand” (of energy that is).

This is also why, some people feel like home to us, even if we just met them. Their energy vibrates very closely to our own. The mixture would not be far off from your own solo brand. That’s why we feel that we “click” or “gel” with certain people more than others. Similar to pouring a glass of light blue water, and a glass of slightly darker blue water into a bowl. In the bowl, all you would see is pale blue water. Those are the type of people who feel like home to us. Because they are so similar to us on an energetic plane, that we have to mix or adjust very little to swim in their energy. Just like two calm ponds of water meeting without creating a ripple. This of course may not be noticeable externally, as the outside world and the inside world have differences and similarities beyond outward appearances. Now, if you mixed red water and blue water to make a bowl of purple water, the water is just as nice, but together has created something new. Often creating something new takes a bit of adjustment. Such as couples who start living together, sometimes go through an adjustment phase of ironing out the wrinkles and adjusting to a new style of living with another person. Wouldn’t it be easy if we all found our blue water? Well, unfortunately for humans, easy does not equal growth and that is a big reason we are here to begin with. Here’s to your brand of home energy, may your home always be filled with good friends, family, laughter and fun!

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Photo taken in Oakville, Ontario.

City and Colour

Colour has such an important place in our lives. It has the ability to change how we feel. It has the ability to change our perception. It has the ability to change our environment. The colours we use to decorate our space come from our subconscious mind. We use these colour to reflect our inner world or even heal it.

Colour is part of who we are. Humans ability to perceive one particular light spectrum as colour is something that has evolved with us over time. Light is one of the most important factors in human existence. We need water, air and light to simply live. As we have evolved light has had it’s hand in our creation. Creation of any kind couldn’t have survived without it.

So from light, colour is born. And it’s colour that helps us shape the world we live in. Colour helps us create the feelings we have. The colours in your home are no different and in fact have a great impact on you, and how you feel. Studies have shown that even those of us who are blind, have a sense of colour and can describe a colour by its vibration and temperature, when only placing their hand on it. Our skin has the ability to sense light as well. A sleep study I read about way back when, so I don’t even know what to reference here, but they had a person sleep in a dark room and then taped a small light on the back of their knee, when this light was turned on, the person actually woke up. Without ever seeing the light with their eyes. The fact that humans have the ability to see colour and no other electromagnetic waves shows that “our response to light is very deeply ingrained into our nervous system.” Each colour has an effect on us emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I often use colour in my energy healings for others. Each colour represents a different type of energy whether it be health, love, courage, protection, peace, faith. I use different types of light in my mind to help others heal in different ways, or to protect them. Colours can be soft or crystal clear and vibrant. But each has a vibration that helps the individual. Each chakra is also represented by a colour. During meditation you can imagine each colour like a crystal clear ball of energy swirling and expanding outward, to help you feel more balanced.

This topic is extremely vast but I thought I would share a few colour meanings here. Ones you can incorporate into your decor in your home or office that will help you achieve what you would like to achieve in each place.

Direct action, strength, courage, steadfastness, health, and vigor. A great colour for a workspace or an exercise room.

Warmth, happiness, social, expansiveness, optimism, emotional balance, confidence, change, self-motivation, enthusiasm and sense of community.

Stimulates the intellect as well as communication. Last of the warm, extroverted colour rays. Organization, detail, discipline, education, intelligence, sincerity and harmony.

Balance, harmony, peace, hope, growth, healing, abundance.

Inner truth, inner peace, inspiration, creativity, spiritual understanding, faith and devotion. Gentleness, contentment, patience and composure. Good for relaxing a hyperactive child.

Calming, soothing, comforting, psychic awareness, intuition, inspiration. If this is your favourite colour you might have the ability to tune into others inner world. It’s so powerful, not a good idea to paint an entire room this colour.

All colours. Devine realization, faith, humility and creative imagination, peace. Outward.

Mystery, unknown, visionary and dream time. Beginning and ending. Inward.

Take a look around your home or your office. Do you have certain colours in certain areas. Do you find these areas reflect how you feel in the space? You can always use simple decor to help enhance the energy of a space and make it feel just right for you. 

Photo Credit Ashley Neese

Reference material for this post was sources from Sacred Space by Denise Linn.

A Series of Focused Shifts, Auld Lang Syne

Stages. Scenes. Moments. Turning points. Ah-has. Realizations. Lessons. Soulmates. Soul shifts. Soul searching. New friends. Old friends. Life begins. Life ends. Clock ticks. Seconds, days, decades. Sun rises on the beach. Sunsets over the bonfire. Marshmallows roasted. Speeches toasted. New love created. Regeneration.

Life is a series of focused shifts. Each day, each season, brings into and out of focus the stepping stones needed to move to the next phase. Your next phase. Often the end of one year and the beginning of the next, brings an excitement of new beginnings. A new chance. A new promise. For years, I felt this same way. Yet now, the perspective I find most resonates with me is one that doesn’t close a chapter to start a new one, but continues the last and uses its findings, lessons and knowledge to build on the future. It’s not goodbye 2017, hello 2018! It’s more along the lines of taking 2017 with you in your toolkit and using these hard earned tools to help you with your assignments to come.  

Focused shifts. As we journey through this lifetime, we tend to focus in on what matters most to us in that glimpse. Whether it be family, career, pets, community, climbing Mount Everest or running your first marathon. We tend to give whatever is at the top of our list our razor sharp focus. It’s this focus that gives us purpose and makes us fulfilled. Yet, when life becomes too full of individual focuses, everything falls into a large blurr. No one thing takes precedence, and this causes dis-ease. You lose focus. If you spent most of your year with a purposeful focus on something, you are more likely to end your year feeling fulfilled, uplifted and hopeful of what is to come. Regardless of the actual outcome of what you put your energy into.

So allow your focus to be fluid, yet sharp! Find that thing that lights you up, make it your focus. Plan on it, create big ideas around it and etch lofty goals into stone. Then if your endpoint changes. GO WITH IT! As long as you are forging forward and not going back. Feel the flame inside of you grow and light your way. You may not have an exact idea of where you are headed but know why you’re traveling and what you are hoping to find when you get there. Don’t let rigidity to what you thought you wanted or needed, keep you small. The whole point of a journey is to find something bigger and better than what you imagined. Make big, gutsy moves. Do the scary thing. Do the things no one else wants to do. And be open to the energy that takes you there. Find time to be quiet and still. Listen to your guidance and trust you gut. Even when it doesn’t make sense. It’s usually the stuff that doesn’t make sense that reaps the biggest blessing. Let life be a series of focused shifts. Don’t judge it, even if others judge you. Be agile. Allow the process to unfold. Trust in divine timing. The universe’s ways are not our ways, and often have a better path laid out for us than one we could come up with on our own. We must simply have the courage, determination and fortitude to take it.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Happy New Year


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Silent Night

The Christmas season is one of hope, joy and gatherings with the ones you love. No matter your belief system, this time of year has a special feeling. Whether you are celebrating it alone or with loved ones, the world always seems quieter to me during this time. Even though it’s chalked full of family and friends, and parties and food, I find the silences, the space in between, holds a deeper quiet and sense of peace. Winters stillness holds a reverence. As we dutifully await the new year, new start, and new chance approaches. This is a time of reflection. Nights seems more still.

If you are taking some alone time this season, or this time of year is a painful reminder of what was, there is a overarching sense of peace that comes with the closing of a new year. The closing of an old chapter. A quiet sense of joy. Endings can be just as exciting as beginnings, the only difference is that they are painted with the colours of the events of the past. Like a watercolor painting, colours flow into other colours, just like the lessons we learn or the memories we take with us.

My wish for you at the closing of another year is that you move onto greener pastures with the wisdom and knowledge of years past, the comfort of built up courage from your experiences and the quiet joy that comes with gratitude for all things. If you’re reading this I would like you to give this small but powerful gesture to the beyond a try.

This Christmas, when everyone has gone to bed, and the house is quiet and the tree is lit, or maybe you don’t have a tree but your favourite scented candle is burning. Sit by yourself somewhere, preferably by a window, so you can look up to the sky. And just sit in silence and think. Take this time to reflect on the past year, the blessings and the challenges. Just let your mind wander, memory to memory. Let the energy of the past, the wins, and the losses, the good, the bad and the ugly flow through you like water in a stream. Allow gratitude to fill your heart and swell past your being and up into the night sky. Be silent and still. Let your gratitude float into the universe, and thank what ever powers may be for your blessings. This will help project your soul’s journey into the universe and bring back what you need to continue on your path. This offering will allow your soul a chance to process your journey. Your soul will shine like a beacon in the night, thankful for the past, grateful for the present and joyful for the future.

May your souls be MERRY & BRIGHT.

Merry Christmas my loves.

The Home As Self

Have you ever had a dream that has taken place in your home or a home that has sentimental value? For years, almost all of the dreams I could remember took place in my grandparents homes. Maybe I spent so much time there it felt like my own? Maybe it represented something more? Dream experts believe that when your home or a home you associate with appears in your dream, it’s actually a symbol of yourself.

Each part of the home representing a different part of our concept of “self.” The basement being the subconscious, and conversely the attic represents higher aspirations. In this respect each part of your home will correlate to a part of you. As each home is different and each person is different, this begins to take on very specific meanings for every individual. These meanings can help you understand the symbolic correlation between specific parts of your home and your life.

Understanding this can help you make adjustments in your life by making adjustments to your home. I will go into some general guidelines but only you can really understand the meaning behind what each part of your home represents in your life.

The front of the home, or the front entrance: how you present yourself to the world.

This space holds the most significance. It not only sets the energy for the rest of your home, but also is how you represent yourself to the world. This area needs to be welcoming, think along the lines of making this an expression of how you want others to feel in your home, uncluttered, open and welcomed. If you have clutter near the front door, or worse so much that the door doesn’t open freely, this will block beneficial energy from flowing in and out of the home properly. This can cause further problems that can be reflected inward toward you.

The bedroom: how you perceive your inner self.

A bright, calm and uplifting room will represent to yourself that you, yourself are this way. Dark, gloomy and cluttered rooms can reflect the same for your inner self, and this could create feelings of frustration, sadness and feeling blocked. However, on the flip side to that, if you are always giving energy out to others and not having much left for yourself, you might want to create a warmer environment, with warm colours and a nested feel that tells your inner self that you have a sanctuary within.

The bathroom: releasing, letting go and renewal.

So, ya, the bathroom is a place of releasing that which does not serve you any more (cough, cough). But can also bring in a fresh start. Cleaning out cabinets or simply cleaning the bathroom until it shines can create a template that translates into new beginning,  letting go of relationships that no longer serve you or are not supportive.

The house systems you have within the home also hold meaning. Water represents emotions, electricity, your life force and personal energy field, floors represent foundation and walls represent structures. Getting quiet and exploring the different aspects of your home and what it means to you, can help set up templates that can enhance the experiences you have in your life. This can help you live a richer more satisfying path, one where you are able to enhance your goals, joys, and life of yourself and the people around you.

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I appreciate your time spent in this little world.

Reference material for this post was sources from Sacred Space by Denise Linn.