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Consider you home as a blank canvas. An empty space ready to be painted with all of the things that will essentially be the backdrop of your life. Moving as always a good time to purge, rearrange, and reconfigure things that either feel different in a new space or no longer work for you.  Imagine your home as a large, albeit three dimensional, vision board. Everything you place in the rooms and on the walls will carry an energy for you that will hopefully enhance your life. We definitely don’t want the opposite. The walls are a big part of this. Think of colour and texture here. In my post, City and Colour, I outline the different meanings and vibrations some of the main colours carry. Consider how you want to feel in the space you are choosing colour for. Consider how each room should feel to you and why. Then choose colours accordingly. The pictures and art work you put up can act in many ways as what will reflect into your life. So make sure the images align with your desires and they will help as a reminder of what feels the most ideal to you. This will allow you into that space mentally, and help draw you to it and it to you. When you choose things that align with what resonates with you, and with what you want, you are more able to feel your way into the life you prefer with little resistance.

Your home should be resistance free.

If you are feeling resistance in your home this will affect your energy fields, which will affect your thoughts, feelings and actions, and in some worse cases your health. Unexplained health issues are often times physical manifestations of subconscious feelings that are more conveniently ignored.

The problem is ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. In fact it just angers it and makes it find different ways to finally get our attention. Your physical health is the last warning bell. Meaning all other venues have been tried and perhaps you have resisted and turned them all away. The energy field around these issues hold deep truths that can’t be ignored. These will be acknowledged and sadly health issues may arise. We humans often then wonder why we have chronic aches and pains, suffer from multiple infections per year or worse. When one domino drops, the rest will follow until you acknowledge what is happening and stop them from falling. Unfortunately, superficial band-aid fixes will not do here.  

The human entity can be seen as a bucket full of water. In that bucket are all our components. Our physical component, mental, emotional, spiritual, and all our fields. Now picture the bucket with rings going up it. A ring for every component of a person. The base of the bucket represents our physical, the next ring or level is our mental, then emotional, then spiritual, then all our fields. Each portion of the bucket has body parts, and feelings and beliefs and endless amount of stuff tied to it, even though the water is the same throughout. Stick with me on this one. When there is a small hole in the bucket, and water starts to pour out, it weakens the container. Slowly more holes appear and more water is lost and soon there is no water in the spiritual level. Warning something is off.
Acknowledge it.
Or don’t.
More water pours out. The emotional level is empty. Warning lights.
Blink, blink.
Acknowledge it.
Or don’t.
More water pours out. The mental level is empty. Warning bells.
Acknowledge it.
Or don’t.
More water. Physical symptoms that are seemingly unexplained.
Now your just being suborn. Or scared. Or something. But stop it and acknowledge it.
Or don’t.

Yet, sadly all along, you knew exactly what needed to be changed. Respectfully moved on from. Or admitted to yourself.  So we humans, or buckets, are affected by all things around it. This bucket can get holes in many ways or the water can get polluted. The bucket sits on the floor of your home. It absorbs everything that is around it. The home radiates into the bucket. The other buckets around it radiate into the bucket. The air flow, the colours, the decor, the people, the sounds, the energy, everything, is absorbed into the bucket. So you can see how important the environment the bucket is in, is. It’s not the only thing that affects the bucket, but it is definitely one thing. Your home has power. It is up to you to create the best environment for your bucket.

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