Moving Home & Settling In

Moving into a new home is always exciting. Different situations bring on different forms of moving. You built your dream home. You moved into a different home. Or your living situation has changed and you live somewhere different. Either way you are now calling new walls and new rooms, home. Even if this is the most happy and exciting time for you, there is an obvious adjustment period. Many of the conversations I have around this topic are centred on feelings that people have post move in day. Often times I hear complaints about not being able to sleep, not feeling settled in, and even though they love their new house, it doesn’t “feel homey.” These few weeks or months post move in can be taxing. The compound effect of being busier than normal, feeling more tired and needing a place to relax that feels like home, then not being able to get that from your new digs, can be discouraging. I have moved a lot myself, and I found a few key things that I do, the first day in my new place, that help to immediately draw in my energy into my new home and makes it feel “me” for my first sleep there.

Even if everything is in boxes, try and find a few items that you can put out quickly to bring some warmth to the space. I like to bring light into my home. Light a few candles, and plug in a salt lamp, or some other lamps that you might have. The familiar glow from the light of these items will help to settle you in. Try playing your favourite movie or show in the background, or play some music. Seeing or hearing something you enjoy and that is familiar will start to bring the “you” energy into the space. Order your favourite take out, have some friends over to help you find your linens and blankets. Most of all, allow yourself your own process. It’s ok if it doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy right away. You will get there.

If it has been a few weeks, and you’re still struggling to get that homey feeling. Plan a party. Invite people over for a meal, a movie, a games night or just for no reason at all. Fill the space with the people you love. Fill it with love, laughter and shared stories. The home will start to absorb you into the walls and you will feel more connected to the space, because you will be.

If you lived in a home for twenty or more years, it could be even more of a challenge to feel “at home” in a different space. It might take longer. Be patient, and find happiness in the small things. My last suggestion is to get someone to clear the space from the old family that lived there, or the workers who built it. Or if you can’t find someone who will do this for you, go to a crystal store, such as Akasha’s Den, or a place that sells sage and burn it while walking through you home, concentrating on the corners of each room, the windows and doors. All the while thinking of happy memories and laughter. Open all the windows and like in some fresh air, allowing old energy to return to its source. Cook your favourite meal, let the scent fill the home and feel yourself ground.

Tree Grounding Exercise

There is an exercise I used to do with my students, to ground them and make them calm. Here it is applied to your home.

Close your eyes, and imagine you are a tree. Take a few deep breaths, and imagine roots growing out of your feet travelling into the floor, into the ground, the Earth and travelling all the way to the centre of the Earth. This will enhance your feeling of belonging. Imagine branches with beautiful green leaves growing out of your arms and head. These are your dreams and future possibilities, these beautiful green leaves shimmer in the sunlight and these are possible because of the roots you’re planted in your home. Your home will help support your dreams and future successes. When you feel calm and peaceful open your eyes.

Welcome home.

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