If These Walls Could Talk

The walls of a home absorb what’s within. One aspect of a home, that is often overlooked, yet holds much power, are the physical walls of the house. The walls can both absorb and reflect energy. Think of the energy in the walls of a home projecting back to you a type of holographic image. Many times this is where people might see a shadow cross their line of sight and can also be interpreted as a spirit or a ghost in the home, which might not be the case at all. The walls of a home can also absorb energy from the land the home was built on. In my past posts I speak of how the land can affect the energy inside the house, this is also true for the energy absorbed in the walls.

The people who live in the home, the land, any events (good or bad) that occurred within the home and the people who spend time there are all documented in the walls of the house. This can sometimes be very strong if not cleared regularly and I have even heard of people actually getting sick because of this pent up energy imprint. Which is a perfect example of how energy, thoughts, feelings, suppressed emotions can manifest into our physical body. Remember our physical body is very intelligent and is able to respond chemically to all the fields that surround it. If you were to look at a person and create a sphere or egg shape all around them so that the person was floating in the middle, that is what our energetic fields look like. Each field is another layer expanding outward, closest to the body we have the first field, the etheric field, then emotion field, thought/mental field, aura/love field, etheric template field, celestial field and the ketheric template field. All of these factors create an energy imprint that can imprint into the home.

Think off all the life one person has lived? Think of all the energy and emotions as they have journeyed through life. Your body actually has the ability to project all of these things back to you. When you clear a home of these energies remember to open a window in each room, as source needs to return to source. Energy naturally wants to go back to its collective energy source. I share a few methods of clearing in my past posts, and using any method you feel called to use will allow the space to feel fresh and lighter. My favourite way to describe this is similar to a spring cleaning. That fresh and fragrant spring air, gently breezing through the house, when you finally throw open all the windows and doors. Throw on some tunes and do a deep clean, maybe even throw a bunch of items in a bag to donate. Telling old man winter, sayonara! Spring is here! Well, clearing a home can give you that same feeling. The space might feel lighter and brighter. It might actually look clearer and crisper and sound might also be less muffled. These are subtle differences but almost every single person has conveyed feeling these changes after I clear their home.

On that note: I feel compelled to share something slightly off topic. We are all one. I mean that literally. Each person is made up of different stuff. Just like how we have different energy fields. But remember that all of these things make one unified being. We are spiritual, emotional, physical and mental beings. These aspects are not compartmentalized. They create a whole person. Each part of us is affected by the other parts. So if you are having mental struggles, sometimes you feel sluggish, tired, depressed, or may experience body aches and pains. If you have emotions that are not dealt with this could manifest physically into an ailment or mentally into an ailment. Each part is part of a whole and effects the rest. So be open to your struggles. Love them. Learn from them. Allow them their time, and processes. And naturally you will let them go. The energy of these lessons will burn up and alchemise into something new: an appreciation, a turning point, an acceptance. But these developments are quintessential to your being. And you are doing a disservice to your soul when you spend energy and waste time ignoring, suppressing and trying not to believe things that simply are true.

Look at your stuff dead on, and show it love. It will give your soul the permission to transmute it into something helpful and not hurtful. These subtle changes in ourselves, actually help the whole world. Put more good in, we will get more good out. One of my favourite books, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, refers to one poor shepherd boy, following his legend and this accomplishment actually helps the Soul Of The World. I believe this to be true. More happiness in. More happiness out. More love in. More love out. You matter. You are contributing to the world around you at all times. If you live in a way that is not authentic to how you really feel, or you live in a way you feel others want you to be, but deep down, if you were honest with yourself, it’s not your truth, you are then feeding those emotions to to the world around you on an energetic plain. It still exists even if you don’t acknowledge it. Truth is an energy. You may be honest with others and still manage to lie to yourself. You may have very good reasons for doing so. In the end it’s still a lie. So have courage to live your truth and heal your soul and the souls around you. Then, if your walls could talk, the would be freely reflecting your love for yourself back to you.

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