So Tell Me How You Really Feel

Every home has its own feeling. Some of it depends on the structure of the home. Some on the design. Some on the decor. The location. The landscape. Yet, the largest influence on, the feeling a home has, is born from the people who live in it. The dwellers of the dwelling…if you will.

The people who live inside the home have the greatest impact on how a home feels when you walk in. You could have the exact same cookie cutter house, one next to the other, and walking into each would offer you something totally unique in terms of feeling.

Picture the home as a vessel. A container. The people who live there exude a unique and individualized energy. Which radiates from their soul. This energy pours out, all around the person at all times. The longer that person is in one space, the more of their energy fills the container they are in. We are actually able to recognize places based on who that place feels like. When people walk into my condo, even though the decor is clean, simple, slightly modern and mostly white, the comment I hear almost automatically is, “Oh, it’s so warm and cozy in here. It’s so peaceful.” Now, I don’t know how my energy feels, as I have never been away from it to be able to identify it. (If I was away from it, I wouldn’t be able to write this blog lol) But I do know how my family and friends energy feels as it is different than mine and in that way I can identify it.

So, if one person’s soul vibes can fill a space, then when two more more people live in the same space their energy creates a unique energy cocktail. A mix of peoples different energies during the hours they are there together. The longer they live together. The more of that mixture builds up.

As always, energy is constantly in motion, it flows, it’s never stagnant. It cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. That’s why the house “feels different” if your home alone for a few hours, than it does when others come back home. That’s why parents miss their kids. Even if they never really see them when they are there. You miss their “brand” (of energy that is).

This is also why, some people feel like home to us, even if we just met them. Their energy vibrates very closely to our own. The mixture would not be far off from your own solo brand. That’s why we feel that we “click” or “gel” with certain people more than others. Similar to pouring a glass of light blue water, and a glass of slightly darker blue water into a bowl. In the bowl, all you would see is pale blue water. Those are the type of people who feel like home to us. Because they are so similar to us on an energetic plane, that we have to mix or adjust very little to swim in their energy. Just like two calm ponds of water meeting without creating a ripple. This of course may not be noticeable externally, as the outside world and the inside world have differences and similarities beyond outward appearances. Now, if you mixed red water and blue water to make a bowl of purple water, the water is just as nice, but together has created something new. Often creating something new takes a bit of adjustment. Such as couples who start living together, sometimes go through an adjustment phase of ironing out the wrinkles and adjusting to a new style of living with another person. Wouldn’t it be easy if we all found our blue water? Well, unfortunately for humans, easy does not equal growth and that is a big reason we are here to begin with. Here’s to your brand of home energy, may your home always be filled with good friends, family, laughter and fun!

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I appreciate your time spent in this little world.

Photo taken in Oakville, Ontario.