City and Colour

Colour has such an important place in our lives. It has the ability to change how we feel. It has the ability to change our perception. It has the ability to change our environment. The colours we use to decorate our space come from our subconscious mind. We use these colour to reflect our inner world or even heal it.

Colour is part of who we are. Humans ability to perceive one particular light spectrum as colour is something that has evolved with us over time. Light is one of the most important factors in human existence. We need water, air and light to simply live. As we have evolved light has had it’s hand in our creation. Creation of any kind couldn’t have survived without it.

So from light, colour is born. And it’s colour that helps us shape the world we live in. Colour helps us create the feelings we have. The colours in your home are no different and in fact have a great impact on you, and how you feel. Studies have shown that even those of us who are blind, have a sense of colour and can describe a colour by its vibration and temperature, when only placing their hand on it. Our skin has the ability to sense light as well. A sleep study I read about way back when, so I don’t even know what to reference here, but they had a person sleep in a dark room and then taped a small light on the back of their knee, when this light was turned on, the person actually woke up. Without ever seeing the light with their eyes. The fact that humans have the ability to see colour and no other electromagnetic waves shows that “our response to light is very deeply ingrained into our nervous system.” Each colour has an effect on us emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I often use colour in my energy healings for others. Each colour represents a different type of energy whether it be health, love, courage, protection, peace, faith. I use different types of light in my mind to help others heal in different ways, or to protect them. Colours can be soft or crystal clear and vibrant. But each has a vibration that helps the individual. Each chakra is also represented by a colour. During meditation you can imagine each colour like a crystal clear ball of energy swirling and expanding outward, to help you feel more balanced.

This topic is extremely vast but I thought I would share a few colour meanings here. Ones you can incorporate into your decor in your home or office that will help you achieve what you would like to achieve in each place.

Direct action, strength, courage, steadfastness, health, and vigor. A great colour for a workspace or an exercise room.

Warmth, happiness, social, expansiveness, optimism, emotional balance, confidence, change, self-motivation, enthusiasm and sense of community.

Stimulates the intellect as well as communication. Last of the warm, extroverted colour rays. Organization, detail, discipline, education, intelligence, sincerity and harmony.

Balance, harmony, peace, hope, growth, healing, abundance.

Inner truth, inner peace, inspiration, creativity, spiritual understanding, faith and devotion. Gentleness, contentment, patience and composure. Good for relaxing a hyperactive child.

Calming, soothing, comforting, psychic awareness, intuition, inspiration. If this is your favourite colour you might have the ability to tune into others inner world. It’s so powerful, not a good idea to paint an entire room this colour.

All colours. Devine realization, faith, humility and creative imagination, peace. Outward.

Mystery, unknown, visionary and dream time. Beginning and ending. Inward.

Take a look around your home or your office. Do you have certain colours in certain areas. Do you find these areas reflect how you feel in the space? You can always use simple decor to help enhance the energy of a space and make it feel just right for you. 

Photo Credit Ashley Neese

Reference material for this post was sources from Sacred Space by Denise Linn.