The Home As Self

Have you ever had a dream that has taken place in your home or a home that has sentimental value? For years, almost all of the dreams I could remember took place in my grandparents homes. Maybe I spent so much time there it felt like my own? Maybe it represented something more? Dream experts believe that when your home or a home you associate with appears in your dream, it’s actually a symbol of yourself.

Each part of the home representing a different part of our concept of “self.” The basement being the subconscious, and conversely the attic represents higher aspirations. In this respect each part of your home will correlate to a part of you. As each home is different and each person is different, this begins to take on very specific meanings for every individual. These meanings can help you understand the symbolic correlation between specific parts of your home and your life.

Understanding this can help you make adjustments in your life by making adjustments to your home. I will go into some general guidelines but only you can really understand the meaning behind what each part of your home represents in your life.

The front of the home, or the front entrance: how you present yourself to the world.

This space holds the most significance. It not only sets the energy for the rest of your home, but also is how you represent yourself to the world. This area needs to be welcoming, think along the lines of making this an expression of how you want others to feel in your home, uncluttered, open and welcomed. If you have clutter near the front door, or worse so much that the door doesn’t open freely, this will block beneficial energy from flowing in and out of the home properly. This can cause further problems that can be reflected inward toward you.

The bedroom: how you perceive your inner self.

A bright, calm and uplifting room will represent to yourself that you, yourself are this way. Dark, gloomy and cluttered rooms can reflect the same for your inner self, and this could create feelings of frustration, sadness and feeling blocked. However, on the flip side to that, if you are always giving energy out to others and not having much left for yourself, you might want to create a warmer environment, with warm colours and a nested feel that tells your inner self that you have a sanctuary within.

The bathroom: releasing, letting go and renewal.

So, ya, the bathroom is a place of releasing that which does not serve you any more (cough, cough). But can also bring in a fresh start. Cleaning out cabinets or simply cleaning the bathroom until it shines can create a template that translates into new beginning,  letting go of relationships that no longer serve you or are not supportive.

The house systems you have within the home also hold meaning. Water represents emotions, electricity, your life force and personal energy field, floors represent foundation and walls represent structures. Getting quiet and exploring the different aspects of your home and what it means to you, can help set up templates that can enhance the experiences you have in your life. This can help you live a richer more satisfying path, one where you are able to enhance your goals, joys, and life of yourself and the people around you.

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Reference material for this post was sources from Sacred Space by Denise Linn.

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  1. A fabulous article!! It clearly organized and reaffirmed many thoughts and ideas that we have felt about our “home as self” and left us feeling very uplifted and content in the environment that we love. xo

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