Something Wicked This Way Comes (Part 2)

Ok, so this post is more literal to the title. Part 1 of this post was focused on throwing a Halloween party, and some things I find that help me throw a successful one. Part 2 will be focused on … you guest it… the energy you feel after the party. We want to make sure that only fun memories are left lingering in the corners of your home. Nothing else. I was compelled to write this due to a personal experience I had and would like to avoid in the future. More on that later.

Maybe what I experienced was a result of the time of year. Many different cultures have some sort of background or belief system around Halloween which acknowledges the “other side,” in whichever way shape or form you believe. Also, many believe that the veil (meaning the sort of boundary between the physical world and the non physical world) is thinner at this time as well. Some may be more sensitive than others during this time, to entities that may be around, including children who are less closed off and more accepting and open. They typically haven’t developed judgements or ideas that would sway their feelings and thoughts. 

Generally, I see it as a time to freely eat candy, get dressed up, party and watch scarey movies. We also get into this way sooner than October 31st, we see stores stocking shelves in September with Halloween decor. All this is fun and games until it’s just not anymore. There are certain energies that get… involved….sometimes. It’s not necessarily something “wicked” but again, it’s worth considering that if you are having a party or handing out candy, there are people up in/around your home and they bring lots of “stuff”.

But worst of all you might unknowingly allow in some “stuff” in yourself.

Okay, so I’m just going to get into my story, take what you will from it.

One year I threw a party with a more scary theme, like not overly scary but picture black and purple decor, lots of candles and darkness and sort of old mansion creepiness. I like to call it “fun scary.” I pulled this off on a budget, everything purchased from the dollar store and I used my parents house which is where we were throwing the party that year. So I used the the outside walkway, and front porch, front hallway and first level. It turned out super moody and gave off the exactly feeling I wanted for the theme. It was sooo good! Maybe, a little too good?

We had a fun party, everyone had a blast. But I felt very off toward the end of the night. To be honest I just felt so scared. It was so weird because we had movies on and everyone was just having a good time, good food, good laughs, the atmosphere was the opposite of “scary.” I thought well I don’t do scary movies so maybe, I just feel creeped out from the movie that was playing in the background. Nothing more.

Well I was wrong. I felt so much worse when the party was over. This scared feeling stuck with me for three long days. At night when I was in bed, I kept looking to the top right hand corner of my ceiling. I was overwhelmed with fear. I was also a lot less knowledgable back then as to how to clear my surroundings and feel better. So basically, I would just be scared a lot and wait for it to go away. I thank the who every is in charge “up there” for my on going physical and spiritual safety over my lifetime for helping things “go away” before I knew how to do help the process along.

Even the memory of this still bothers me. I’m not kidding I have sat down to write this multiple times at my home later in the evening and had to stop because I just got so freaked out. So currently it is noon and I’m in a very busy Starbucks. I feel silly even telling this story to be honest, and even want to slide in an “LOL” here but, it is what it is I guess.

Basically, I don’t know what was around me those three days, I just know someone or something was there. And not leaving. Obviously my feelings of fear led me to believe it was a negative energy. But honestly, I have no clue what it was. I just remember waking up it the middle of the night and the word “love” was being repeated over and over in my head. I put my glasses on and looked at the corner of the ceiling and suddenly the fear just went away. I no longer felt scared. I no longer felt watched. I felt back to myself and fine. Again, thank you to whatever was protecting me that night. As they clearly intervened and helped a girl out. From what I understand now, love is the purest form of positive energy, so it would make sense that it was that word that I was hearing. 

Obviously, I have this sensitivity, I understand not everyone shares this. I don’t believe anyone else at that party felt off other than me as far as I know. But even though my experience might be different than the one someone else might experience, my point is, you might not be staring at your ceiling in fear for three days, but you might start arguing with your family or you might do something out of character at work that lands you in hot water. There are many things that effect they way we live, as we are all sentient beings we can all be affected by energies that are around us. Whether we know it’s happening or not.

So clear the space before and after your party. You only want your invited guests to attend and no one else. Also, because everyone is in the Halloween mood and thinking all things creepy for fun, this could call in other things that really are creepy and we don’t want that.

Ok, few. It’s over. Here’s your take home, clear your space, and also keep a level of fun in the air, don’t start talking about real life mysteries (I’m so badly guilty for this any time of the year) or unsolved murders, it just brings up a lot of stuff that might be too much during this time. Enjoy your parties and Happy Halloween!

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