Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Halloween Party

It’s time to start planning that yearly Halloween party people! I get just as excited for Halloween as I do for Christmas! So, needless today I like to go all out for Halloween each year. This post is going to be two fold, firstly, I thought I would share a few tips I have found helpful for throwing a really effective Halloween party that makes your guests feel as though they are truly experiencing the theme you set out to create. Whether that them is funny, scary, or other worldly (muhaha). Secondly (found in Part 2), I want to talk about the energy you may be introducing to your home unknowingly when we set up our Halloween bash, but more on that later.

PARTY TIPS (A few things to keep in mind for a successful Halloween Bash)

  1. THEME AND INVITATIONS: You need to decide what you would like your guests to experience this year at your home. Do you want to create a funny party, a scary party, a movie theme, a favourite decade theme? Is it a dinner party or an open house? You can do a custom invite through email using websites like Evite or Punchbowl. I use Evite and I like how easy it is to used something pre-made or make your own, it also has a very easy tracking system for who has accepted the invitation. For general drop in parties create an event on Facebook. 
  2. BUDGET: You can literally create any theme on even the tiniest budget but with a little creativity you can keep your budget pretty low. Or maybe this is the only party you through all year, so you want to go all out and you have a hefty budget.
  3. BUDGETS THAT ARE SMALL YET MIGHTY: Get crafty. Check out what you can find a second had stores, basements, attics, you never know. This is a great way to get your friends involved, ask them to clear out their old work sheds and see what you can all come up with. 
  4. BIG BUDGETS: Go all out! But, keep to a theme, you don’t want it to feel random and carnival like, unless your theme is a haunted carnival, then go nuts, and don’t forget to invite good ol’ Pennywise. 
  5. DOLLAR STORE: Unless you have your heart set on something special from Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma. Even then you can pick up a few more expensive things but the bulk can be from a dollar store, especially cups, plates, etc. 
  6. DECOR AND AMBIANCE (INDOOR AND OUT): Use sound tracks, you can get wireless speakers from anywhere, even Walmart. Hang cloth or cobwebs from ceilings, including from porches or stoops. 
  7. FOOD: This is another way to get creative with your theme, dry ice, witches brew, treats, hit up Pintrest for this one! I would suggest a signature drink in both alcoholic and non to accommodate every guest. 
  8. GATHER AND FIND IDEAS ONLINE AND IN STORE: make use of websites like Pintrest, but don’t get stuck on one thing. If you see something in a store and your creativity is sparked, go with it, just remember you budget.
  9. MAKE IT IF YOU CAN: DIY is your friend here.
  11. ADULT ONLY OR KID FRIENDLY (or both on different nights?)
  12. HANDING OUT CANDY: If you decide to have your party after trick-or-treaters have called it a night, then it’s business as usual. If not, maybe leave a bowl out that says “Please take one, Dracula is watching!!” and make one lucky kids night. 
  13. GAMES AND FUN STUFF: Easy is key, guessing games, draws… these are best.

I really like some of the tips that Jillian Harris shares to enhance your Halloween Decor. There are some really good Go-To tips here and these will be sure to help you prep your home for this spooky season. (Click on the picture or the title to link to her page.)

Images: Original
Make up done by Daniela Biagi
Photo Credit: Halloween Decor

→ please read part 2, we want the party to last one night, we don’t want any lingering “guests” once the music is off and the party is over.