How to Clear a Space or “Sage”

Throughout this blog I often mention that clearing the negative or unwanted energy from a space is helpful in living your best life. I often will say to “sage” or clear a space. There are many ways of doing this, and many beliefs around this. I want to tread lightly here and be respectful of all belief systems. I can only speak from my experience and what I have done up to this point. So, basically I will speak from my personal experience which might give you a few general tips and also where to find more information.

I basically began seeking out ways to clear a space based on the different energies I was picking up on around me during different times of the year, or day, or basically any time. As I got older I began to understand that my intuitive nature was the reason I could pick up on things and I began to realize a lot of my feelings of anxiety or fears stemmed from this characteristic. It is something I just lived with, and basically took for granted, it wasn’t until late in my 20s when I started to realize that not everyone was bothered by the same things I felt that I was. It became harder to ignore and I went on a search to learn more about this. Not highly uncommon. I would even venture to say more common than not, many people have a sense of their intuition to varying degrees. I am by no means a physic or a medium by any stretch. Essentially my environment, which was always important to me, I realized became something I could actively keep and maintain. Doing these things allows for the best possible experience and helps keep me from seeing or hearing things at would startle me or make me uncomfortable.

As far as the home goes, I learned from various sources how to use herbs such as sage leaves, and many other types of plants, and essential oils like lavender, to clear the space of what I understood as old, dusty, unwanted energy and leave it feeling fresher and more free. I felt that this was helpful to my living in a space, and sleeping soundly. This along with many other types of practices help keep my environment peaceful, relaxed and fresh. 

I start with a small process before I light the sage. Then I surround myself with the smoke from the smolder of the sage, and walk through my whole house basically outlining each door, corner, window with it. I usually let my intuition guide me to where I need to be and to focus my cleansing and I also allow my intuition to land on what ever prayer or intent I need to do what needs to be done. Each time I do this it’s different, there is no one way I do it, but I do always work in the light and protection of God and any spirit guides or archangels sent to work with me.

At this point I have performed this cleansing many times for myself and others. I sometimes take for granted the effects as I know the outcome. I often hear that those who I have done this for have experienced positive effects in their homes, and lives as a result and I hope it inspires others to try it out themselves. I feel like this helps foster a relationship with the space and your home that is unique to you and helps fill your home with your energy. I feel like my home is very peaceful and cozy and it’s the first thing I hear when someone comes over, they always comment on how cozy my home feels. It’s worth a try and there are many resources to help you.

Many stores sell the tools you need to do a clearing of your own and the people who work there are very helpful. I love Akasha’s Den and Willow Den. These would be my top two places. But there are countless others. Please be sure to go to a store that is reputable, with people who have good intentions and correct information. I can stand by these two stores as I have frequented them many times myself and know for certain the employees are kind, knowledgeable, honest and helpful. Ask around and read reviews, and always trust your gut. If you walk into an establishment and it just feel uncomfortable and not right. Leave. Listen to yourself.

There are of course many books you can find at your public library or book store which can help you. Do your research and see what makes the most sense to you, what resonates with you the most, is usually what you need. Have discernment. Good people will lead you to good people. And please do not listen to anyone who advises you to pay them a large lump sum of money to remove negative energy or curses from you. Just don’t incorporate this practice into your life and happy clearing!

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