Moving On

Parting is such sweet sorrow. When I was around 5 years old, my mother told me that our family was moving out of our home the next day. She told me that the moving trucks were coming and we were going to live in our new house. I didn’t take the news well. At. All. I remember crying and hugging the walls of the upstairs hall way, hysterically wailing “I love you house.” Not my best moment. In my defence, as a kid, I obviously didn’t connect the boxes and hustle and bustle around me to having to leave the only home I had ever known forever. Now that I’m grown, I have had to move many, many times, and I often think about how upset I was over my very first move.

It can be hard on pets, children and everyone when a move is happening. So it helps to maintain a level of perspective when going through a move. Remind each other of the new and exciting memories you are going to make in your new house. Maybe even plan something to look forward to. For example, a movie and popcorn night in your new TV room, a moving party where you invite all your friends and family on moving day. A meet the neighbors evening, pizza and bevies all around. Or maybe its as easy as Sunday brunch, or dance parties in the kitchen, or a lovely bubble bath in your new tub. Just look forward to something.

Appreciate the time you had in your old home. See it as a time that served its purpose and send thanks out for the memories you shared here. Give thanks that you are able to take those memories with you as they live always in photos, and your memory.

Allow your self and family members to be sad if they want to be. Not every one deals with lose the same way. Some might see this as an exciting time where they are gaining a new home, others (like my 5 year old self) may see this as a sad time where they are losing a home they loved. Everyone who is living in the home has to identify with part of the house that is going to be “their new place.” Telling your child that their new bedroom is going to be painted their favourite colour, or have a fun little area for books they they can decorate, might soften the edges. Perhaps you will be able to garden or use pots for tomato plants. You can be sad to leave but try and balance that out with excitement for something new. Eventually, your old home will be a distant memory and your new home will be filled with you and your lives and it will feel like home sweet home.

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Photo Credit : 8654 Glavcic Dr. Niagara Falls, Listed by The Barry Team, Revel Realty Inc., Brokerage